I'm a Manchester based curator and creative working in art, film and music. 
The art is a mainly illustration which started out creating gig posters for my own bands, it then progressed to working with other bands to creative single, EP and album artworks. The music, film and food event posters is one of the main commissions I take at the moment as I love the illustrative history of wild event posters.  I have ventured into creating logos, branding and many other aspects of companies whist keeping my illustrative style to contrast to the clean design aesthetics of most branding works.  

I'm a filmmaker working both within commercial and non commercial worlds. Editing for Wash Films and directing my own docu-style film projects through the music world.

I am a musician in both rock n roll bands Fruit Tones & Mister Strange. Releasing albums and touring. 

I have just become a director for my co-collaborative platform/magazine GULP.

 'GULP is an artistic platform founded and curated by Natasha Kay-Sportelli and Tomas Walmsley. Established in 2019 and officially registering at the start of 2023, GULP is about giving artists a platform to experiment with. We champion the offbeat and aim to encourage encounters with unknown and under appreciated oddities. We commission and facilitate work from creatives at any point in their career, as well as documenting the wise words of the people we are inspired by. GULP magazine takes inspiration from the counter cultural press of the 1960’s such as OZ and IT magazine by producing a visually exhilarating and chaotic design.

Unenthused by the plethora of clean, minimalist glossy mags flooding cafes, bars and book shops, we aim to offer the reader an alternative experience of printed media"

Dig any of that?


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